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User Manual


Contents                                                                     1

Introduction                                                                 1

Parts                                                                            2

Console                                                                       3

Button Description    and Operation                            4-7

Installation                                                                   8-9

Exercise Illustrations                                                  10-15

Safety Cautions                                                          16-17        

Product Maintenance                                                 18

Specification                                                               19


Thank you for purchasing your easyVitality Vibration Plate. Please read the user manual thoroughly before you begin operating the machine. This user manual should be kept available for future reference after you have read it thorough.


Our company has the absolute right to alter the picture, and material color without prior notice. Design, picture and material color seen in this manual is solely for illustration purpose.




1. Console                                    2. Console Bracket

3. Screw(M6X16)                    4. Handrail

5. Screw(M6X16)                    6. Extension Tube

7. Lock Catch                               8. Support Tube

9. M8 Plastic Head Screw          10. Main machine

11. Adjustable Feet Cushion



  1. Program                            

  2. BMI                                

  3. Mode (Manual,P1, P2, P3)             

  4. Start/Stop button

  5. BMI data input

  6. BMI data input

  7. Oscillation Speed +

  8. Oscillation Speed -

  9. Time (+)

10.   Time (-)

11.   BMI Sensor

12.   LCD Window


Button Description

Button Name



User-defined program


Body Mass Index Measurement


Mode Selection


Startup, shutdown, start running, stop running, to confirm \ return.


BMI data input


BMI data input


Time up


Time down


Startup, shutdown, start running, stop running, to confirm \ return.


Oscillation speed up


Oscillation speed down


Button Operation:

  1. Time Adjustment:

Press TIME +/ TIME – buttonto adjust the total running time, the default time is 10 minutes.

Note: The default time can be customized.

  1. Startup\Shutdown:

Press the START/STOP button after adjusting time, the default speed is 1. Press SPEED+ button to increase the speed and SPEED- button to decrease the speed, the maximum speed is 30, the movement is off when the speed is 0. The user can press START/STOP button to stop the movement or hold on the START/STOP button more than three seconds to turn off the control system. Press the START/STOP button again, the system will be on.

Note: a)After press the START/STOP button,only the speed buttons are active.

b) The maximum speed level can be customized.

  1. Mode Selection:

In the standby state, press MODE button, the window will show”P1”,continue to press this button, it will show “P2””P3””U1””U2””U3””MANUAL”

“P1””P2””P3” are automatic program

“U1””U2””U3” are user defined program

“MANUAL” program:the user can adjust the speed themself

After select the program, press START/STOP button, the machine will work on the corresponding program.

In the MANUAL program, press the START/STOP button and adjust the speed bypressing SPEED+/- buttons.

Note: The default startup program is “MANUAL”program.

  1. Auto Program:

P1: Oscillation:  30 34 38 42 46 50 54 58 54 50 46 42 38 34 30 26 22 18 14 10 6 2 6 10 18 22 26

Time Interval: 5 seconds

P2: Oscillation: 2 40

Time Interval: 5 seconds

P3: Oscillation: 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5

Time Interval: 2 seconds

  1. User-defined Program:

There are 12 settings of each of U1, U2 and U3 programs:

  1. To begin programming, press MODE button to select “U1”, then press PROG button,”U1” is flashing, it’s the “U1” programming mode, there is a bar appear above   (Oscillation icon),it starts first setting.

  2. Press the SPEED+/- button to set speed, for example choose 5-speed,the screen display 05

  3. Press the TIME+/- button to set the time, for example, choose 4 seconds and the screen displays TIME 04.


  1. Press PROG buttonagain, the screen will show , it has come to second setting of “U1” programming, repeat this process for each of 12 settings.

“U1” will stop flashing when all the setting are finished.

  1. If revise the program, press PROG button to the setting you want revising and press SPEED+/- button to adjust it. Press START/STOP button to run the defined program.

Note: a) The programming of “U2””U3” are the same process of “U1”.

b) After one period, the program will repeat automatically till the total system time is finished, then it will stop itself.

c) You can press the START/STOP button to stop the working anytime, the system will be back to the “MANUAL”mode,you can press the MODE button to choose the program at this time and press START/STOP button to run it.

d) In the programming, you can press START/STOP button anytime to stop it.

e) During the running of “U1””U2”U3”, only START/STOP button is active.

 6.   BMI Function:

On the standby state, press BMI button, the screen showBMI,flash,is male,is female,

PressBMI +/- button to choose your gender and pressBMI button to confirm. Then the screen will show AGE and there are three number flash, pressBMI +/- button to enter your age and press BMI button to confirm.Then the screen will showkg W and there are three number flash, pressBMI +/- button to enter your weight in Kilos and pressBMI button to confirm. Then the screen will show cm H and there are three number flash, pressBMI +/- button to enter your height in cm and pressBMI button to confirm. Then the screen will show ,put your hands on the two BMI sensor  ,the system will show your measured BMI.


  1. Take out the support tube(8) and main base(10) from

  packing carton. Straighten up the support tube(8).

  1. Lock them with M8 Plastic Head Screw(9).

3 . Rotate the lock catch(7) 90 degrees clockwise to

make the extension tube (6)neck loosen.


Pull up the extension tube(6) and make sure that the

copper bead bounces into fixing hole.

4.Rotate the lock catch(7) 90 degrees anticlockwise to

make the extension tube(6) locking.

5. Install the console bracket(2).

6. Install handrails(4) with screw (5).

7. Connect cable and install the console (1) with




These illustrations are shown on a generic machine.  


  1. Strength exercises are done at speeds between 20-40. Start at lower speeds if not used to exercise.



A 1 Standing

Position your feet parallel to your hip on the Vibration Plate.  Bend slightly at knees, relaxed grip on handle.  Move in relatively slow forward movements and backward movements.  Alternate on the heels and on tiptoes.

A 2 Deep Knee Bend – Deep Squat

Place yourself on the Vibration Plate and bend knees.  Your hands remain loose on the handle.  Your knees should not jut out over your toes.  Bring your torso into a stable position.  In this position, tighten your leg muscles ever 30 seconds.

A 3 Legs Apart, Knee Bends

Your feet should be flat on the Vibration Plate.  Your toes should be facing outward.  In this position, your interior thighs are activated by placing your weight on the soles of your feet. For variation, shift the pressure of the sole by rolling outwards.

A 4 Lunge

Standing with one foot on the platform, one on the floor; bend the hips, knees and ankles and lower slowly until desired depth is reached.  Vary by putting more weight on front leg.


A 5 Calf Lift

Position yourself on the Vibration Plate and stand upright.  Your hands remain loose on the handles.  Stand on your tiptoes. You can also perform this position with deep knee bend.




A. Strength exercises are done at speeds 20-40. Start lower if not used to exercise.

A 6 Triceps Dip

With body facing away from the Vibration Plate, firmly grip the edge of the platform and push upwards. Bend the arms slightly and lower the hips toward the plate, squeezing the shoulder blades together. You should feel the tension in your upper arms and shoulders. For increased vibration, repeat the exercise with your legs extended.

A 7 Pectorals

With body facing Vibration Plate and keeping feet on the floor in front of Vibration Plate,grasp the bands with both hands in front of your chest and extend backwards. You should feel the tension in your pectorals and biceps. For vibration, repeat the exercise standing on vibration platform.

A 8 Back

Keeping a broad shoulder, stand and bend the knees slightly. Your upper body should protrude slightly forward. Keep the shoulders back and pull the band as close to your waist as possible. You should feel the tension in your entire back and shoulder.

A 9 Shoulder

Face forward and keep a proper distance from the Vibration Plate. Hold the bands lightly and drag them upwards. You should feel tension in your entire shoulder. Change the lengths of the bands according to your height.

A 10 Shoulder Press

Position the body in a horizontal line parallel with the Vibration Plate. Hands should be shoulder width apart, legs and back straight, head raised. Using slow and controlled movements push your slightly bent arms toward the Vibration Plate, then return to the starting position. This exercise works the shoulders and upper arms.



A. Strength exercises are done at speeds 20-40. Start at slower speed if not used to exercise.


A 11 Lower Abdominals

Brace yourself on your elbows and hold onto the front edge of the Vibration Plate. Now, with a straight back, pull your buttocks up slowly as if you wanted to pull the plate toward your feet. You should feel tension in your abdominal region. To vary the routine, perform the same exercise from a kneeing position.

A 12 Standing Abdominals

Stand in the centre of the Vibration Plate, feet shoulder width apart. Holding the railing at chest height. Keeping your back straight and legs slightly bent, push your upper torso down. Immediately you will begin to feel tension in your abdominal muscles. To vary the exercise, simply bend your arms further, or move your pelvis forward.

A 13 Lateral Abdominals

With one foot directly behind the other, place one elbow on the Vibration Plate and lean sideway. Keeping your head, torso and legs straight, push your shoulder down and tighten your torso simultaneously. This exercise works the lateral abdomen. To add variation, try to push your hips upward at the same time.

A 14 Push Up

Kneel in front of the Vibration Plate, placing hands on the plate, shoulder width apart with fingers facing inward. With a straight back and strong abdomen, push off the vibration platform. This exercise will strengthen chest, shoulder muscles and triceps. For variation, try to straighten your legs and lift your legs, one at a time.

A 15 Abdominal Crunch

Place a pillow under your back, raise your legs and place your hands under your head for support, making sure to keep your elbows parallel with the floor. Crunch your upper body toward your legs and feel the tension in the abdominals. Ensure your buttocks and lower back do not lose contact with the mat. To vary the routine, twist your torso and legs from side to side, or balance on your sit bones in a V position.


B. Stretch exercises are done at speeds under 20.

B 1 Quadriceps Stretch

Place one shin on the Vibration Plate ensuring the other leg is on the floor. Keeping the upper body and back straight, tense your stomach. By pushing your pelvis forward you will be stretching your quadriceps. Vary this exercise by pulling the rear leg forward.

B 2 Calf Stretch

Stand sideways on the Vibration Plate, with one leg in front of the other and toes facing forward. The front leg should be slightly bent, the rear leg is straight, push the heel of the rear leg down. You should feel tension in your calf. Repeat with the other leg. To vary this exercise, keep your back straight and push your pelvis forward.

B 3 Abductor stretch

Stand sideways on the Vibration Plate with your feet near the support column. Place the outside foot on the floor close to the vibration platform so legs are apart. Bend the outside leg while keeping the other leg straight. Keeping the upper body straight, lower your buttocks toward the floor. This exercise will stretch the insides of your thighs. Repeat on the opposite side.

B 4 Pectoral Stretch

Sit with your back to the Vibration Plate. Now hold the Vibration Plate behind your back so that your fingers grip the edges. By pushing your shoulders down you will stretch your chest and shoulders. You may also gently pull the straps on either side for optimum results.

B 5 Shoulder Stretch

Stand backwards to the Vibration Plate. Hold a band behind your back at seat height. Raise the other hand up and put it on the back of your head. Pull the band; you will stretch your shoulder and neck muscles. Repeat on the opposite side.


C. Massage exercises are done at speeds over 40.

C 1 Calf Massage

Lie in front of the Vibration Plate with both calves on the vibration platform, toes pointing toward the ceiling. Simply relax and enjoy an invigorating calf massage.

C 2 Upper Arm Massage

Place a towel or mat on the vibration platform.  Lie sideways facing the Vibration Plate, with legs slightly bent. Ensure the towel extends slightly over the edge. Rest one arm on the vibration platform and relax.  Repeat on the other side.

C 3 Adductor Massage

Lie on your side facing the Vibration Plate. Making sure the rest of your body does not touch the vibration platform, slightly bend one leg and rest it on the vibration platform. Now repeat the massage with the other leg.

C 4 Front Thigh Massage

Position yourself with the front of your thighs on the vibration platform. Lean your feet slightly against the tower.  Support your upper body on a stool or step in front of the vibration platform. Flatten and relax your abdominals. Experience the pleasant massage on the front thigh.

C 5 Thigh and Buttocks Massage

Lie face up on a stool and put your legs and half of your buttocks on the vibration platform. Put your calves close to the tower. This exercise will loosen your legs and buttocks.


D. Relaxation exercises are done at speeds over 40.

D 1 Shoulder and Neck Relaxation

Kneel down in front of the Vibration Plate with your arms outstretched. Keep your back and neck straight. Now pull your upper body back while resting your arms on the vibration platform. This exercise will relax your neck and shoulder area.  For variation, place your hands and elbows on the platform, or turn your hands toward the center with your elbows pointing outward.

D 2 Upper Body Relaxation

Sit facing away from the Vibration Plate with your legs bent. Using your elbows for balance, raise your upper body off the vibration platform. Keeping your neck and back straight, pull your shoulders back. This vibration will relax your upper body.  For variation, sit on the platform with your arms or hands resting behind you.

D 3 Back Relaxation

Place a cushion on the vibration platform, sit on the cushion with legs apart. Allow your upper body to relax. You should feel a pleasant vibration relaxing the back, hip, and thigh area.

D 4 Lower Back Relaxation

Drape a mat from the floor up onto the Vibration Plate.  Sit on the floor facing away from the Vibration Plate with your legs apart and elbows on the vibration platform. Relax and feel the vibration, targeted primarily in the lower back. As an alternative, angle your legs and push your body harder against the Vibration Plate.

D 5 Foot and Leg Relaxation

Put a chair close to the Vibration Plate. Sit down on the chair and put your legs in the centre of the base plate. This exercise improves circulation in your legs and feet.


Safety Cautions

Please follow the warnings said below strictly. This will prevent to damage of your machine or any harm to your body or any lose which caused by any improper use of the machine.

When using the machine, please comply with the operating instructions.


Please make sure that power plug does not get bent against the side portion of the machine.

□The power plug might get damaged leading to electrocution or fire.

Use the power outlet for the machine only.

□Connecting multiple products to an outlet might lead to fire. Fuse might get damaged or the product may not function.

Please remove dirt on the power plug using dry clothes

□Dirt and abnormal connection might lead to fire.

Leave 20cm of gap from the wall when installing the machine.

□Good air circulations will prevent the product from malfunctioning.

Please install the product in solid and horizontal ground.

□Noise and vibration might be created when the ground level is not horizontal. Please adjust the machine when the ground is not even.

After using the machine, please press the stop button. Step down from the machine when the machine stops completely.

□Stepping down during run state might lead to physical injuries.

Please unplug the power plug when the product is not in use.

□This will prevent unnecessary wastage of electricity and may prevent fire.

Please do not run on top of the machine when the product is in use.

□The product might get damaged.

Frail people and children should be accompanied by guardians in using the machine.

□Physical injuries might be caused.

The machine can not take the load of more than two people.

□The machine might get damaged.

Before cleaning, remove any water particles using dry clothes to prevent water particles entering into the machine.

□Water particles will weaken the insulation will lead to electric leakage and fire and easy to rot the machine.

Please clean the surface of the machine using proper cleaners suitable for the material.

□Please wipe the surface with dry clothes when wet towel had been used to clean the surface.

Please clean and dry the machine before storing the machine for a long time.

□Please clean the surface with dry clothes before storing to prevent corrosion.

Please do not unplug and plug the power plug with wet hands.

□It might lead to electrocution

Do not bend power cord and avoid setting heave objects on the power cord.

□When damaged, it might be lead to fire.

Please do not use damaged power cord or plug.

□It might lead to fire or electrocution.

Do not install the machine in wet place or near to water.

□It might lead to electric leakage, The machine may get corroded when used in wet place or place nearby water.

Please do not stock items on top of the plate.

□It might lead to electrocution or fire and may damage the electric circuit.

Do not sprinkle water or clean the machine using gasoline, benzene, thinner or chlorine.

□There is danger of getting electrocution or catching fire.It also might damage the electronic circuit.

Please remove the power plug before cleaning

□For prevention of electric leakage.

When the machine creates smoke or burning smell, remove the power cord immediately and stop exercising.

□It might lead to fire or electrocution.

Please do not disassemble, repair or modify the machine if you are not professional.

□Non-compliance will lead to product damage or financial damage due to fire or malfunctioning of the machine.


If you are under medical treatment or any of the following symptoms. Please consult your doctor before use.



Heart and vascular

Slipped disc or had Back /Spine Surgery

Knee and hip implants


Recently inserted IUD or Metal pins


Recent infections

Recent operative wounds

Pregnant women

Severe migraines


It is advisable to drink 500ml lukewarm water before use in order to eliminate the toxic wastes,drink 3000ml of water daily for a healthier lifestyle,as it can revitalize energy inyour body. Water can benefit your body as follows:                                                                 

  • Helps prevent indigestion

  • Reduce sickness especially in the kidney

  • Enhance metabolism rate

  • Improve blood circulation and prevent heart disease

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Reduce pressure and stress

  • Prevent fatigue and increase stamina in the body

  • Enhance your skin texture for a freshness look


Product Maintenance

A. How to Store           

  1. Do not store the Vibration Plate

    • Near heat or open flame.

    • Under the direct sunlight for a long period time.

    • Harmful gas and dust, especially humidity.

  2. Keep the Vibration Plate

    • Usage temperature: 0-35degree.

    • Keeping temperature: 5-50degree

    • Humidity: under 40%-80%

  3. If the Vibration Plate is not use for a long period time, cover it with a piece of clean cloth to protect it from dust.

  4. Do not store the Vibration Plate under direct sunlight or at places of high temperature.

  5. Do not coil the wire cord as it may cause malfunction to the machine.

B. Self-Maintenance                           

  1. Before cleaning, ensure that the main switch is turned off and AC plug is removed from the electrical outlet.

  2. Do not use the Vibration Plate too long for the first time.

  3. Switch off power and remove the plug from the socket every time after use.

  4. Do not use this machine in wet areas such bathroom, swimming pool or spa.

  5. Do not use it when there is too much dust, oil, smoke or caustic gas.

  6. Avoid damaging the surface of the Vibration Plate surface with heavy object, by knocking hand, scratching with force.


C. Cleaning

1. Using corrosive cleanser is prohibited. Do not use benzene or thinner to clean or spray insecticide on the machine.


Model Name---------------------------------Vibration Plate

Input Voltage --------------------------------220V/50Hz

Motor Power---------------------------------200W -500W

Oscillation Amplitude----------------------0-10mm

Oscillation Frequency---------------------5Hz-15Hz

Speed Range--------------------------------1-60 level


Dimensions-----------------------------------72cm (L) X 69cm (W) X33cm (H)

Load Weight---------------------------------120KGS

Net Weight------------------------------------25 KGS

Gross Weight---------------------------------27 KGS

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